Definition of bluehead in English:



  • A small wrasse (fish) of the tropical eastern Atlantic, the large males of which have a blue head and green body with vertical stripes, and the females and smaller males are predominantly yellowish.

    Thalassoma bifasciatum, family Labridae

    • ‘Adult blueheads feed primarily on zooplankton and many small benthic organisms.’
    • ‘He was out early on the bright frosty morning and he had a good ‘plug’ of blueheads on his line when he caught the 9 lbs. of fish.’
    • ‘I've seen creek chub out there before, but not blueheads.’
    • ‘Cleaning is not limited to the Labroides genus however; young bluehead and young Spanish hogfish in the Bahamas have also been observed cleaning larger fishes.’
    • ‘I have seen many female blueheads in with breeding colored males and never noticed a significant change in coloration.’