Definition of bluefin in English:


(also bluefin tuna)


  • The commonest large tuna, which occurs worldwide in warm seas. It is probably the largest bony fish, and is very important as a food and game fish.

    Thunnus thynnus, family Scombridae

    Also called tunny
    • ‘We have shown that cardiac and myocyte specialization of the Pacific bluefin tuna improved cardiac function in cooler waters relative to other tuna species.’
    • ‘I also like going to aquariums and being able to observe different fish; the bluefin, or yellowtail, is an awesome design, very sleek and fast.’
    • ‘I want there to be hammerhead sharks and bluefin tuna around when my five-year-old son grows up.’
    • ‘Most of the bluefin tuna currently caught is caged alive in floating tuna farms in Croatia and across the Mediterranean.’
    • ‘Tuna kept in a pen and given free meals is obviously less fit - built to roar around the sea at 50 miles an hour, the imprisoned bluefin and yellowtail quickly become obese.’
    • ‘There, the commercial fishermen patiently wait every year for the annual migrations of albacore, skipjack, yellowfin, big-eye and bluefin.’
    • ‘Strange creatures accustomed to deeper waters or warmer climes such as basking sharks, eagle rays, and bluefin tuna are increasingly being found around our shores.’
    • ‘I never knew such large fish existed, and any thoughts of forgetting about these fish were re-kindled by a school project on the bluefin tuna and its worldwide fisheries at the age of nine or so.’
    • ‘Here swim the schools of yellowfin and bluefin tuna.’
    • ‘Increased understanding of the migration patterns and level of mixing between the two stocks is crucial to improving the management and conservation of Atlantic bluefin tuna.’
    • ‘There is little time to discover the answers as the Southern bluefin tuna and the populations of the Northern Atlantic bluefin tuna have been considered in the past two decades for endangered species listings.’
    • ‘The family also boasts the fastest-swimming fishes in the world, and bluefin tunas are probably the largest of all bony fishes.’
    • ‘The tuna there were not the giant bluefins but the smaller yellowfin and albacore.’
    • ‘Can chefs serve swordfish, bluefin tuna or Chilean seabass in good conscience?’
    • ‘Of the mackerel family, bluefin tuna are the biggest, capable of reaching 1500 pounds.’
    • ‘Lebanese environmental groups said that bluefin tuna - a significant commercial species in the region that has already suffered from overfishing - are also being threatened by the spill.’
    • ‘Big fish - like swordfish and bluefin tuna - are attracted to fronts where cold and warm waters meet.’
    • ‘We have reported that western-tagged Atlantic bluefin tuna are mixing on their feeding grounds but potentially sorting to distinct spawning grounds in the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern Mediterranean.’
    • ‘The rapid advances in this tag technique have led to a wealth of new information on the physiology, behavior and distribution of northern and southern bluefin, bigeye, yellowfin and skipjack tunas.’
    • ‘I've always believed that even when there is only one bluefin tuna left in the sea someone will pay a million dollars to be able to eat it.’