Definition of blue vinny in English:

blue vinny

(also blue vinney)


mass noun
  • A blue-mould skimmed-milk cheese from Dorset.

    • ‘Crumble in the Blue Vinny cheese and take off the heat so the cheese can melt slowly.’
    • ‘In the days when there were hundreds of small dairy farms in Dorset, supporting perhaps six cows at the most; every farmers' wife would make Blue Vinny cheese.’
    • ‘Arrange the tomatoes on the pastry, leaving a border all around the edge, and crumble over the blue vinny.’
    • ‘I have some blue vinny and Bavarian with chili and basil...’
    • ‘It helps, of course, that Woodbridge Farm is the only place in the world producing Dorset blue vinny cheese.’


Mid 16th century: vinny from Old English fyniġ ‘mouldy, musty’.


blue vinny