Definition of blue star in English:

blue star


  • attributive Denoting a relative of a person serving in the armed forces during wartime.

    ‘I'm a blue star mother’
    ‘blue star families’
    • ‘A participant holds a hand-sewn blue star banner he was given during last weekend's event.’
    • ‘I am a blue star Dad with 2 kids on active duty.’
    • ‘They are a blue star family with a soldier serving in Afghanistan.’
    • ‘The flag shown on the cover is known as the "blue star service banner".’
    • ‘A blue star flag was hung in people's windows to indicate a family member was in the United States armed forces.’
    • ‘And to all you blue star moms out there, our thoughts and prayers, along with our thanks, are with you and yours now and always.’
    • ‘My girlfriend has a blue star flag hanging in her window so that the people who walk by know that her daddy is in the Navy.’
    • ‘We had one mission in mind: to show our support to 200,000 military families and loved ones by providing blue star flags.’
    • ‘We are a blue star family and know first hand the tremendous sacrifices made by all family members of our Military.’
    • ‘I still can't believe that I went from being a blue star wife to a blue star mom.’


First World War: with reference to the blue stars displayed on flags to commemorate those serving in the armed forces.