Definition of blue roan in English:

blue roan


  • Denoting an animal having a coat that consists of evenly mixed black and white hairs, giving the coat a blue-grey colour.

    • ‘To my utter amazement, the big chestnut followed me - not through the wooden bars, of course - no horse is that mad - but straight over the top in a heroic leap that carried him straight into the blue roan stallion.’
    • ‘Gavin was in the coral, trying to break in a new blue roan colt.’
    • ‘Over the large hill in the center of the field, a heavily pregnant blue roan Quarter Horse appeared.’
    • ‘They approached the cottage and from where she was seated atop her blue roan stallion, right leg crossed over the horn, said to the men, ‘Thank you, sirs.’’
    • ‘Yes, I had made my dream come true on the back of a big blue roan stud named DC.’


  • A blue roan animal.

    • ‘Our mares are producing many blue roans, bay roans and black horses with great dispositions and conformation.’
    • ‘For that reason, some greys in our breed have been mis-registered as roans, especially blue roans.’
    • ‘In truth, producing blue roans is not difficult, but the trick is that the best way to achieve this result is not by breeding two blue roans together.’
    • ‘Blue has been producing beautiful red roans, blue roans, grullas, and everything in between!’
    • ‘Both of our stallions are bay roans, but quite a few of our mares are true blue roans with black heads and blue roan bodies.’