Definition of blue on blue in English:

blue on blue


  • Denoting or relating to an attack made by one's own side that accidentally harms one's own forces.

    ‘blue-on-blue incidents’
    • ‘War is all about hurting people and breaking things, mistakes like blue on blue and civilian deaths happen.’
    • ‘Now though, blue on blue is just more military argot for killing men on your own side, or ‘friendly fire’, just as ‘wound response’ was Pentagon cant during the Vietnam War for a successful strike.’
    • ‘If I had been told on the day that Christopher died that it had been blue on blue, I could have coped with that, things do happen in war, mistakes are made, casualties, it happens.’
    • ‘The Air Force is basically saying what it is going to do in order to discharge its mission of controlling the high ground, and pointing out as it goes along that there may be implications, collateral damage and blue on blue incidents.’
    • ‘We're pretty safe against blue on blue, friendly fire, because we usually have a tank in front of us and a Bradley armored vehicle in back of us.’