Definition of blue light disco in English:

blue light disco


  • An alcohol-free dance for young people, organized as a community project by police.

    ‘you picked up your moves to use at the blue light disco’
    • ‘Such community activities as the blue light discos have now disappeared.’
    • ‘To make it easier for young people to find the facts, the NSW Blue Light State Board (best known for its blue light discos), has produced a Kidsmart Handbook.’
    • ‘The worst thing you could get your hands on at a blue light disco was Wizz Fizz.’
    • ‘That's the pink v-neck jumper I used to wear to the local blue light disco circa 1984.’
    • ‘I never actually went to a blue light disco—I was in the 'alternative' freaks group.’
    • ‘The next major incident I had with fire was at a primary school blue bight disco.’
    • ‘There really isn't a lot to do, and your social options, until you get a car, are limited to the monthly blue light disco.’
    • ‘The little tramps probably crack on to 31-year-olds all the time at their local suburban blue light disco.’
    • ‘They raise the profile of particular bands amongst their mates at school, skateparks, blue light discos, or wherever else the yoof are kicking it these days.’
    • ‘My son, who is 13, saw the chase because he was coming home from a blue light disco.’


1980s: from the blue light on the roof of a police car.