Definition of blue heeler in English:

blue heeler


NZ, Australian
  • A cattle dog with a dark speckled body.

    • ‘Our dog has border collie and blue heeler in her and was nippy and mouthy when she was younger.’
    • ‘Like a faithful blue heeler, who waits patiently for his surfer-master in the front seat of the panel van, the car remains an attribute of Aussie masculinity.’
    • ‘She delivers a monologue about being hunted by dogs called ‘blue heelers,’ in which she manages to ratchet up her apparent heartfelt sincerity in direct proportion to the increasing abstraction of what she's saying.’
    • ‘A few days earlier a blue heeler from a house across the road was also targeted and barely survived the incident.’
    • ‘She had always maintained her attacker's dog was a blue heeler, with brown and white colouring, that didn't bark or approach her when she was forced into the man's four wheel drive.’


Early 20th century: from blue, denoting the characteristic blue (or red) flecked coat of the breed, and heeler.