Definition of blue flyer in English:

blue flyer


  • A female red kangaroo.

    • ‘As we rode along the track, we saw red kangaroos, including the females which are called blue flyers.’
    • ‘Both, he explained, were red kangaroos but one in five are born grey coloured, known as 'blue flyers'.’
    • ‘Males are usually twice the size of females and are red in colour, the females tend to be a blue/grey and are nicknamed blue flyers.’
    • ‘Cape Range wildlife abounds with red kangaroos and blue flyers, emus, bungerras, bustards and unique wildflowers.’
    • ‘Females, sometimes called blue flyers, are bluish gray and are smaller and faster than the males, reaching speeds of up to 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour).’


Mid 19th century: blue, because the female has blue-grey fur.