Definition of blue ensign in English:

blue ensign


  • A blue flag with the Union Jack in the top corner next to the flagstaff, flown chiefly by British naval auxiliary vessels.

    • ‘Already a spectacular visitor success, Britannia in full splendor will be sporting the Scottish satire flag with its bluefield and white cross of St Andrew, together with the blue ensign, flown by right of ancient Royal charter.’
    • ‘Red pennants would be less necessary, since any government vessel would be using a blue ensign rather than red.’
    • ‘It was not until 1950, when the Commonwealth government decided to give a flag to every school to mark the jubilee of Federation, that it finally designated the blue ensign as the Australian national flag.’
    • ‘Until this time, vessels of the Commonwealth naval forces had flown the Naval blue ensign.’
    • ‘Eventually, common sense prevailed, and in about 1621 the first red ensign appeared, followed some years later by the white and blue ensigns to distinguish the three squadrons into which the fleet was now divided.’


blue ensign