Definition of blue crane in English:

blue crane


  • A large South African crane with blue-grey plumage, the national bird of South Africa.

    Anthropoides paradisea, family Gruidae

    Also called Stanley crane
    • ‘The picnic area is next, to take some time out and enjoy the sun - and watch several other animals, including the tortoise, wild dogs, steenbok, rabbits and blue cranes.’
    • ‘The paraphernalia attached to the accolade comprises a feather from a blue crane, a leopard skin cloak and hat, a leather chair covered by zebra-skin and a spear and a shield.’
    • ‘Pointing out a blue crane, the symbol of South Africa, one ranger wondered what the next symbol would be - ‘a rainbow chicken?’’
    • ‘Running around this landscape of giant heathers, you will also see ostriches, bonteboks, baboons and, if you are lucky, a fly-past from the elegant national bird, the blue crane.’
    • ‘He addressed groups of pupils at the High School on the plight of the three species of endangered cranes - the crowned crane, the blue crane and the wattled crane - in South Africa.’


blue crane