Definition of blue corn in English:

blue corn


mass nounNorth American
  • A variety of maize with bluish grains.

    ‘a rucksack full of blue corn’
    as modifier ‘blue corn chips’
    • ‘Try the blue corn, green chile enchiladas smothered in a thick, pungent, sweet-edged green sauce.’
    • ‘First I lay reading on the couch downstairs eating blue corn chips and salsa (highly recommended).’
    • ‘They'll get a real kick out of eating blue corn chips!’
    • ‘The Thomases' crop rotation includes soybeans, blue corn, popcorn, wheat and barley.’
    • ‘Use extra firm tofu, cubed and cooked in a little olive oil, mix with Spanish rice, refried beans, tomatoes, onion, and wrap in blue corn taco shells’
    • ‘I was going to make nachos too, but unfortunately, time was up - so I just brought a bag of blue corn tortilla chips.’
    • ‘The Hopi chose an ear of short blue corn, symbolizing a life of hardship, humility, and hardiness, since the short blue corn is the most difficult to harvest successfully but is also the most durable.’
    • ‘Serve with carrot sticks, celery sticks or blue corn chips.’
    • ‘I buy organic blue corn chips and carrots to snack on at work.’
    • ‘Downtown at 7 a.m., well before the tourist town stirs, I'm scarfing a breakfast of red-hot blue corn enchiladas.’
    • ‘The restaurant makes blue corn enchiladas for breakfast.’
    • ‘They raise 3 to 5 acres of Indian blue corn, white corn, sweet corn, squashes, dry beans, pumpkins and tomatoes.’
    • ‘But nothing - let me repeat, NOTHING - compares to the delights of a blue corn enchilada prepared with queso fresco and smothered in green chile that will leave your lips pleasantly burning and senseless.’
    • ‘The province of Oaxaca is known for the thinnest; those made in Guadalajara are thick, and the startling colour of blue corn is carefully preserved in tortillas made in the mountains of C. Mexico.’
    • ‘Serve with a large bowl of blue corn tortilla chips.’
    • ‘Here Michael and Jan raise, in no particular order, potatoes, onions, garlic, leeks, sweet corn, blue corn, dry beans, tobacco, winter squash, oats, and wheat.’