Definition of blue box in English:

blue box


  • 1US An electronic device used to access long-distance telephone lines illegally.

    • ‘In 1971, they manufactured hordes of the blue boxes and sold them to students in the Berkeley dorms.’
    • ‘Legend has it that the two novice entrepreneurs sold the blue boxes door-to-door on the Berkeley campus, several years before they founded their computer company.’
  • 2Canadian A blue plastic box for the collection of recyclable household materials.

    • ‘He added: ‘If residents separate out everything they can for recycling using their blue boxes and bags then collection of the remainder the following week should be sufficient.’’
    • ‘We have a blue box for plastic bottles, tins and white cardboard packing.’
    • ‘I am talking about more than blue boxes but really living a life that respects nature instead of just uses it.’
    • ‘Fine people who ride bikes, put their blue boxes out and buy organic food.’
    • ‘Each week, on the same day, either the black bin with household rubbish and the blue box with tins and plastic were collected, or the brown bin for garden rubbish and the green box for paper.’
    • ‘If you need a blue box at your house, the city gives them out for free.’
    • ‘Householders are being asked to wash and squash their cans before leaving them in their blue box.’
    • ‘This concern for self-sufficiency also carries over into his emphasis on recycling, as blue boxes are wedged under and lined up on the counters of the outdoor kitchen.’
    • ‘In readiness for the new recycling services, thousands of blue boxes are being delivered to houses across the borough.’
    • ‘In March 98 per cent of homes in the borough were given a blue box to recycle glass and cans to supplement the existing white sacks which are distributed for paper.’
    • ‘Thousands of blue boxes have been sent to homes.’
    • ‘Many of the well-meaning people who were putting out their blue boxes once a week then walked across their driveways to get into massive SUVs to drive to work - alone.’
    • ‘I consider us to be responsible people because we fill our blue box to capacity every week, and put it out for collection.’
    • ‘So about all those green-glass wine bottles you've been diligently tossing into your blue box: you probably assumed they were being recycled, right?’
    • ‘In readiness for the re-launch thousands of blue boxes are being sent to homes.’
    • ‘Why not simply service the blue boxes once a month as a separate exercise as most are seldom even half full when they are emptied?’
    • ‘The scheme to collect blue boxes full of paper and glass separately from other waste has been operating since June 7 and still many households have yet to receive their first collection.’