Definition of blue and white in English:

blue and white


  • 1Marked with or characterized by a pattern of blue intermixed with white; specifically designating a type of (originally Chinese) porcelain decorated in this way.

  • 2Of an animal: having a blue or bluish-grey coat, plumage, etc., marked or mixed with white.


  • 1The colours blue (or bluish-grey) and white together, especially forming a pattern on a fabric, surface, animal's coat, etc.

  • 2Something patterned or marked in blue and white, specifically a piece or type of porcelain.

  • 3Informal (originally US). A police patrol car painted blue and white.


Mid 16th century. From blue + and + white.


blue and white

/ˌbluː (ə)n(d) ˈwʌɪt/