Definition of blue-green algae in English:

blue-green algae

plural noun

  • another term for "Cyanobacteria" (see Cyanobacteria)
    • ‘But he warned: ‘Given that over the course of the two billion years that Earth has been producing oxygen, life has for the most part been represented by blue-green algae.’’
    • ‘Then there are bacteria and blue-green algae, which differ structurally from higher organisms far more than plants differ from animals.’
    • ‘In fact, African flamingos get their pink color from eating a diet super-rich in the pinkish blue-green algae, spirulina.’
    • ‘My blood cells are a lot more like a cell from spirulina blue-green algae than they are like a flame, or a light bulb, or a sun.’
    • ‘Wading in the lake shallows, they stir up organic matter with their bills, including mollusks and crustaceans and the bird's favorite meal, spirulina, a type of nontoxic blue-green algae.’