Definition of Blu-Tack in English:



mass nounBritish
  • A pale blue adhesive substance typically used to attach paper to walls or other hard surfaces.

    ‘you needn't invest in permanent notices: slips of paper and Blu-Tack will do’
    • ‘So I put some Blu-Tack and my little mini camera in my pocket and we stuck his pictures up underneath all these great big works of art.’
    • ‘The Care Quality Commission stressed that it has not banned magazines from waiting rooms, or set any rules about Blu-Tack.’
    • ‘When asked about their extra gear they consider necessary to be professional landscape photographers, two said a tripod and the third wanted Blu-Tack to keep his filters in place and a notebook and pen!’
    • ‘Blu-Tack, which kept the posters from falling off my walls in college, is not just a handy tool, it's an art medium.’
    • ‘We had posters displayed on most estates, taped or stuck up with Blu-Tack, and they stayed up.’


[with object]British
  • Attach (something) to a wall or other hard surface using Blu-Tack.

    ‘he's Blu-Tacked a large map of the British Isles to his wall’
    • ‘We ended up taking the pics with the prints Blu-Tacked to the windows in the back garden.’
    • ‘The daubs and scrawls of the pupils were still Blu-Tacked to the walls of the classrooms.’
    • ‘I examined the timetable Blu-Tacked to the inside of my locker door, and groaned.’
    • ‘Fortunately there was a technical drawing of the place I could Blu-Tack up and use to keep myself from going astray.’
    • ‘A Respect poster is Blu-Tacked to his shop window.’