Definition of Blu-ray in English:



mass noun
  • A format of DVD designed for the storage of high-definition video and data.

    • ‘The audiovisual specs of the Blu-ray are top-shelf.’
    • ‘Presented in 1.85:1 1080 p widescreen, High School Musical 3 is far from the most impressive Blu-ray on the Disney slate.’
    • ‘And it seems, as a consumer, that there are a lot more titles that are exclusively Blu-ray than exclusively HD.’
    • ‘Now the folks at Universal are re-releasing the adventures of amnesiac secret agent Jason Bourne on Blu-ray.’
    • ‘I'm a little torn whether to recommend the transfer to Blu-ray.’
    • ‘Despite its flawed story structure, The Tale of Despereaux looks flawless on Blu-ray.’
    • ‘The 30 second spot focuses just on the exclusive games, without mentioning the Blu-ray or Home.’
    • ‘The unit's technology, dubbed Blu-ray, relies on short-wavelength blue lasers instead of garden-variety red.’
    • ‘To me, some DVDs look more like 35 mm than Blu-ray does.’
    • ‘The image quality on this Blu-ray is among the most film-like I have ever seen.’
    • ‘Though this Blu-ray isn't destined to become the disc by which all other Blu-rays are judged, it's still an impressive package.’
    • ‘The name Blu-ray is derived from the underlying technology, which utilizes a blue-violet laser to read and write data.’
    • ‘The movie is a stunner on Blu-ray, noticeably crisper and cleaner than its standard DVD version.’
    • ‘According to the Blu-ray Disc Association, the spelling of "Blu-ray" is not a mistake.’
    • ‘However, this Blu-ray is probably not the way to experience the film.’
    • ‘The consumer-electronics industry is favoring an approach called Blu-ray, while most of the entertainment industry has gotten behind a rival standard called HD-DVD.’
    • ‘Of the many Fox catalog titles out on the video market, Battle of Britain was an intriguing choice to release on Blu-ray.’
    • ‘IT makes good use of Blu-ray's added functionality.’
    • ‘I think Blu-ray is a transitional format that won't last long.’
    • ‘Now the Western finally debuts on Blu-ray, giving viewers the opportunity to watch this epic movie event in stunning high definition.’


Early 21st century: from blu, a respelling of blue (from the colour of the laser used to read and write this type of DVD), + ray.