Definition of blowsily in English:


(also blowzily)


  • See blowsy

    • ‘I felt less than perfectly free and loose and inspired, however, and returned to my neighborhood only 30 minutes later, where I was hailed in the dark by two new neighbours sitting in Rob's parlor - Felicia, a cheerful, charismatic brunette, and Meg, a blowsily pretty blonde.’
    • ‘But his chief opponent, the blowsily good-hearted, promiscuous Ida loses much of her instinctive belief in right and wrong.’
    • ‘When I look at her blowsily lyrical and sneakily philosophical abstractions, satisfaction reigns, replete with delicate discriminations and a certain funny, sexy moodiness.’
    • ‘Friday night in an attractive beach town: tourists, clubs, beautiful little streets - a strange combination of a real, honestly beautiful and still fairly natural, Spanish town, combined with intermittent bursts of the trash and commercialization you can expect in a blowsily commercial resort.’
    • ‘In one vigorous print, Mary sits blowsily at a table guzzling gin (a low-class drink) with her servants, legs indecorously spread and garter drooping.’