Definition of blown-up in English:



  • 1Destroyed or severely damaged by an explosion.

    ‘blown-up buildings’
    • ‘We did not know how we were going to get past Pontoon Bridge in its blown-up state.’
    • ‘The ferocious struggle often appears in our media in predictable images: a blown-up bus, rock-throwing youths, a bulldozed house, and so on.’
    • ‘The island had suffered a gas explosion, followed by the crash of a helicopter sent to rescue birdwatchers trapped in a blown-up building.’
    • ‘The worst thing she had seen was blown-up tanks at the side of the road and children begging for food and water.’
    • ‘It's just too hard to get the television images of blown-up buses out of my head.’
    • ‘In a secretive compound north of Paris, colored blips and blotches on a computer-screen map depict an armored vehicle at a highway, tanks, a blown-up building in a suburban field.’
    • ‘Scores of blown-up vehicles lined the roads.’
    • ‘The blown-up bridges had not been rebuilt across the Arno and there were tremendous food scarcities.’
    • ‘I now recognize the crump and roar which denotes another blown-up bus or cafe.’
    • ‘The pictures, which showed the inside of blown-up train carriages and seized bomb-making materials, had been "supplied in confidence to some of our colleague agencies", he said.’
  • 2Enlarged.

    ‘a blown-up photograph’
    • ‘Johannesburg has been transformed into an art gallery with some 65 blown-up artworks erected on the city's buildings.’
    • ‘The land- or cityscapes in the blown-up photos introduce varying degrees of spatial recession, the depth depending on the scenes.’
    • ‘Here's a blown-up shot of a detail from downtown Seattle, which is part of our test run.’
    • ‘Only the presence of a blown-up photograph of Devarajan on the dais gave an indication.’
    • ‘I can see the blown-up prints on the adjacent computer screen.’
    • ‘The Hibernian midfielder is having his photograph taken in front of a blown-up picture from last season of some of his younger teammates celebrating.’
    • ‘The simple set includes a large blackboard, festooned with the blown-up headlines used to advertise newspapers.’
    • ‘On display in the shop was a blown-up article from an international newspaper.’
    • ‘The regular grid on the paper at some particular time will look like a blown-up version of the way it looked at an earlier time.’
  • 3Inflated; swollen.

    ‘a blown-up balloon’
    • ‘If you stick a blown-up balloon into a vat of melted chocolate, it'll pop in your face.’
    • ‘Using the sticky tape, attach the ends of four of the lengths of string to the egg-box section and the other ends to the sides of the blown-up balloon.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, desperate refugees build a raft, or use blown-up plastic bags to try to float across the river.’
    • ‘The last image in that ad was the blown-up head of Geoffrey the Toys'R'Us mascot bouncing around in the parking lot.’
    • ‘Blown-up dinosaurs hang from the ceiling and sit watching from book shelves.’