Definition of blowie in English:


nounPlural blowies

  • 1Australian NZ informal A blowfly.

    • ‘OK, the blowie won’t impale you with a horrible stinging thing, but they hover.’
    • ‘Summer isn't just about blowies causing problems, the warmer weather also means mosquitoes, prompting health officials to warn people about the dangers of mosquito-borne diseases such as Ross River and Barmah Forest viruses.’
    • ‘I think you've swallowed too many blowies.’
    • ‘Not so for the two who left the bus, who walked briskly around the signs and began their steep trek as if the words ‘respect’ and ‘sacred’ were no more than blowies to be brushed away.’
    • ‘Were these the kind of people who would find a rooftop blowie absolutely hilarious?’
  • 2British vulgar slang An act of oral sex performed on a man.