Definition of blower in English:



  • 1A person or thing that blows, especially a mechanical device for creating a current of air used to dry or heat something.

    ‘the shower will stop automatically and warm air blowers will dry you off’
    • ‘He's coming to change the location of the thermal disc and move it closer to the fire so that it will more quickly sense the heat and the blower will go on sooner.’
    • ‘Regardless of the fuel they burn, central heating systems generally use electronic thermostats, pumps or blowers, and other controls that will need a reliable source of electricity.’
    • ‘More powerful blowers produce larger air pressure than traditional axial fans.’
    • ‘I just plug in the blower and blow everything away!’
    • ‘Strategies include architectural decisions that result in passive air movement, and engineering decisions that rely on mechanical fans and blowers to supply and circulate fresh air and exhaust polluted air.’
    • ‘If you are mining underground, you probably have substantial costs to run the fans and blowers that ventilate the mine.’
    • ‘These were being taken off the footpath by using a portable blower to blow them on to the road where, when wet, they became a danger to two wheel riders.’
    • ‘Shortly thereafter, a crew arrived at the museum with a water-suction truck, wet-vacs, dehumidifiers, air blowers and other needed equipment.’
    • ‘These respirators have blowers that force ambient air through air-purifying elements to the inlet covering.’
    • ‘For crunch situations, one popular device was a custom blower with a med reservoir for mid-examination boosts which put an end to the long lines at the bathroom stalls.’
    • ‘A heat recovery ventilator comprising four rectangular regenerative heat exchangers, two blowers, a rotating air switch all disposed in a compact rectangular housing.’
    • ‘Even though it was a cold morning, we were kept warm by the hot air blowers and the light was ideal for photography.’
    • ‘‘An air blower starts blowing at this end, and a vacuum starts at the destination,’ he continues.’
    • ‘High-temperature gas turbine engines provide the power to drive the air-cushion blowers and the air propellers.’
    • ‘And both have blowers that blow the allergens around, so you're always breathing it.’
    • ‘The report also says blowers can affect air quality by blowing up dust including pesticides, fertilizers, pollen and dung.’
    • ‘Roger says that a sensor on the first blower determines the amount of air needed and controls the speed of both blowers.’
    • ‘For under $200, you can boost the circulation of this heat with an optional blower or fan kit.’
    • ‘All that's running at home now is a bunch of industrial air blowers in a day/night campaign to defeat the onset of mould and rot.’
    • ‘You also have heat generated by the blower itself due to internal friction, or, more technically, by the work necessary to get the air from its natural pressure up to the desired boost pressure.’
    air cooler, air conditioner, ventilator, aerator
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  • 2British informal A telephone.

    ‘I've been trying to get hold of you on the blower’
    • ‘I responded with an e-mail, a few more were exchanged, we agreed to chat on the blower and - result!’
    • ‘These methods are less obvious than lingering over a tea break or chatting on the blower.’
    • ‘He's the man where these are concerned, in fact I've just been chatting on the blower with him about one for myself.’
    • ‘We had a chat on the blower and were both satisfied with my withdrawal of the comment and my public apology.’
    • ‘I chatted on the blower to my friend in London for three hours today.’
    telephone, mobile phone, mobile, cell phone, car phone, radio-telephone, cordless phone, videophone, extension
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