Definition of blowdown in English:



mass noun
  • 1North American Trees that have been blown down by the wind.

    count noun ‘he tramped miles through blowdowns after the hurricane’
    • ‘They were built as a system of separate fortresses, abatis lines, and on forested terrain, tree blowdowns.’
    • ‘The understory data for intact forests matches the regeneration we recorded in blowdowns very closely, suggesting that blowdowns leave the understory undamaged.’
    • ‘Although uncommon, large blowdowns generated from inland hurricanes provide an opportunity to study the effects of catastrophic windfall.’
    • ‘With the exception of hurricane impacts, the spatial and temporal characteristics of forest blowdowns have not been well studied in eastern deciduous forests.’
    • ‘In other words, it's a type of animal that prefers a forest with clearings (whether created by fire, blowdowns, or logging) to larger, unbroken tracts of old growth.’
    • ‘Although rare, hurricane-caused blowdowns of this scale are not unprecedented in the Coweeta Basin.’
    • ‘Comparisons with similar studies in the literature are problematic because of differences in methods, minimum patch sizes, and the processes that generated the blowdowns.’
    • ‘In these crowded stands, trees become increasingly susceptible to attack by insects and pathogens, blowdowns in storms, and catastrophic crown fires as live and dead forest fuel builds up.’
    1. 1.1 The blowing down of a tree or trees.
      ‘blowdown occurs when soil and root balls can't resist wind pressure’
      • ‘The scale of the blowdown was the first problem.’
      • ‘Disturbance rates derived from public land survey data have been widely cited in the literature, because they provide estimates of blowdown and fire occurrence at a regional scale prior to extensive European settlement.’
      • ‘The saturated soils from the heavy rainfall followed by high windspeeds caused substantial blowdown in the Coweeta Basin and in much of the southern Appalachians.’
      • ‘We reached the section of the trail where the bikes had to be carried due to copious amounts of blowdown.’
      • ‘But the gash makes Luna more vulnerable to blowdown because redwoods have shallow roots.’
      • ‘The H + S forest had a considerable amount of slash left from the logging, and pit and mound topography was created from the blowdown of large trees.’
      • ‘For a small blowdown, we recorded data on all gap - makers.’
      • ‘A freak straight-line windstorm caused a massive blowdown of trees in the area in 1999, and the profusion of fallen timber raised fears of a catastrophic firestorm.’
      • ‘In 1985 a large section was affected by another large blowdown.’
  • 2The removal of solids or liquids from a container or pipe using pressure.

    as modifier ‘designs had to withstand blowdown conditions’
    • ‘Blowdown liquid withdrawn from the recycle acid liquor, may be recycled to the incinerator or further treated by neutralization, precipitation, and filtration of the precipitated toxic metals.’
    • ‘Boiler blowdown is essential for the continued operation of any boiler.’
    • ‘The liquid blowdown stream from the main wet scrubbing system is mixed with a hot flue gas slipstream.’
    • ‘Deposition can be avoided by increasing liquid blowdown rate.’
    • ‘This concentrated liquid known as ‘blowdown,’ carries impurities out.’