Definition of blow with the wind in English:

blow with the wind


  • Be incapable of maintaining a consistent course of action.

    ‘‘You lack consistency’, said Bunny. ‘You blow with the wind.’’
    • ‘They blow with the wind until the Day of Judgment, right?’
    • ‘Those who still argue that the politician blows with the wind, are deeply, profoundly wrong.’
    • ‘‘He's not one of those people who blows with the wind,’ he says.’
    • ‘Well, he seems to blow with the wind, willing to do just about anything to keep his paws on the purse strings, and is as crooked as an S-hook.’
    • ‘So far, all we're hearing is that the politician would blow with the wind, changing his mind depending on who he thinks is listening.’
    • ‘So it's really - we're just blowing with the wind.’
    • ‘It's the weak, blow with the wind creeps who can't hack power.’
    • ‘Apart from those politicians blowing with the wind, I'd hypothesise that law and order campaigners are more inclined to be fearful and prefer to lock people up.’