Definition of blow something out in English:

blow something out

phrasal verb

  • 1Use one's breath to extinguish a flame.

    ‘he blew out the candle’
    • ‘She blew it out with a gentle breath and then moved to Jerry's side.’
    • ‘Recalling her childhood, Alison Uttley remembered asking her teacher where the flame of a candle went when it was blown out.’
    • ‘All but one of the candles had been blown out, and the single flame was casting long, twisting shadows across the walls and deserted furniture.’
    • ‘At midnight she blew the candles out and switched on the kitchen and hallway lights.’
    • ‘When he did speak, to ask if I'd marry him, my sigh of relief blew the candles out.’
    • ‘Sometime later, I drowsily make notice of the fact that another bright light has gone off, and then the candles are blown out.’
    • ‘Nate worked the kitchen and the machines, and Teegan and I went around collecting garbage and pushing in chairs and disinfecting the tables and blowing the candles out.’
    • ‘After the last candle had been blown out and utter darkness cloaked the room, Ikeda kicked his boots off and stripped from his shirts.’
    • ‘The candles were blown out and the exhausted travelers fell into a deep sleep.’
    • ‘But in a second, the emotion had gone as the flame of a candle did when the flame was blown out.’
    • ‘Jamie put her face closer to the flame and blew it out.’
    • ‘Jerome's steady breathing soon blew the flame crystal out.’
    • ‘And then there is the cake with its proud single candle flickering away as everyone shouts encouragement to blow the candle out.’
    • ‘The candle beside her bed was blown out and she lay her head down on the pillow, listening to the dogs getting comfortable in the living room.’
    • ‘Then it was the cake moment, and I had to blow the candles out.’
    • ‘The children tried to blow them out, but the candles weren't extinguishable.’
    • ‘The lighted cake was presented to the birthday child in the morning and kept lit all day, with the candles being replaced as needed, until after the evening meal when the candles were blown out and the cake served.’
    • ‘He extinguishes these candles by blowing them out and all present clap their hands.’
    • ‘There were over a dozen windows in the castle, but nothing could be seen as all the candles have been blown out, and everyone was sound asleep.’
    • ‘Both connote images of extinguishing a flame, in the first case by blowing it out and in the second by smothering it or starving it of fuel.’
  • 2Puff out one's cheeks.

    ‘he blew out his cheeks and sat down heavily on the couch’
    • ‘I pushed my way inside the crowd moving on the dance floor and halted two or three people in, blowing my cheeks out and dragging my hands back through my hair.’
    • ‘I turned away, blowing my cheeks out and running my hand through my hair.’
    • ‘Even as he was thinking this, though, she tackled him and blew her cheeks out on his belly and all his worrying collapsed into laughter.’
    • ‘No amount of sucking my cheeks in, blowing them out, poking them in with my fingers, attempting to trap them between my teeth while attempting to hold a smile worked.’
  • 3North American informal Render a part of the body useless.

    ‘he blew out his knee playing basketball’
    • ‘Of course, the added pressure on that one was that I blew my knee out at the beginning of the film and we had this massive piece that had to be shot near the end, so I was just pleased to get through the damn thing.’
    • ‘Yeah, but I could step off a curb and blow my knee out, too.’
    • ‘I wasn't going to blow my arm out for them and cost our team.’
    • ‘Everything was going well for me on my college team, I was the leading scorer in the nation, and then all of a sudden I blew out my knee.’
    • ‘Until he blew his knees out, he played rugby.’
    • ‘My uncle taught me… he was going to go professional but blew his knee out in a car accident, so he teaches little league now.’
    • ‘Now she couldn't ice-skate (she tried once, and almost blew her knee out again), run or ski.’
    • ‘Ryan had the instincts; we just kind of felt he was an unknown because he blew his knee out after the eighth game of the season.’
    • ‘Some club officials are privately worded that Johnson never will return to the All-Pro level he enjoyed before blowing his knee out in the preseason.’
    • ‘They were perfectly aimed, blowing his arms out of their sockets and probably crippling him for life.’