Definition of blow someone out in English:

blow someone out

phrasal verb

North American
  • Defeat someone convincingly.

    ‘they were blown out by Florida 58–3 at home’
    • ‘If you let them control the pace of the game, they're going to blow you out.’
    • ‘‘If you can't cut it within a few months of starting, Stevie will blow you out like that,’ says a former trader, who says he was fired for losing a substantial amount in one trade.’
    • ‘In short, he was blowing me out so with just over an hour to go I had a quick whip round through my phone book to see if I could give the ticket to anyone else.’
    • ‘Adrian's a bit like a coffee - dark and silky smooth, but his patter fails and Alison blows him out.’
    • ‘We were afraid we'd become the target for the millionaires, that they'd blow us out with big airstrikes.’
    • ‘Bring it close enough to evaluate, but not to blow you out.’
    • ‘As long as I don't get hurt and this guy doesn't blow me out and I continue to dictate the pace.’
    • ‘‘When we get to the seventh or eighth and we're blowing someone out and I'm not pitching I hate it,’ he told a reporter.’
    • ‘And just as quickly, they can dismiss me, blow me out.’
    • ‘I mean it got close at the end though, but I stuck like 4 pieces in my mouth at the end and TOTALLY blew her out.’
    • ‘With this last horse, I want you to blow him out at three furlongs.’
    • ‘When you are blowing someone out, you don't want to embarrass them.’