Definition of blow someone off in English:

blow someone off

phrasal verb

North American
  • 1Fail to keep an appointment with someone.

    ‘I just made this date before I met you—I didn't want to blow her off’
    • ‘I'm sorry for blowing you off lately, I'll make it up to you, what are you doing tonight?’
    • ‘That Thursday evening, she consented to meet me again for dinner, giving me the distinct impression that she knew my time in town was limited, and that in the long run, consenting might be less a hassle than continuing to blow me off.’
    • ‘My friend from LA blew me off, so I just decided to go and get drunk somewhere and then sleep in my car.’
    • ‘What in hindsight should have tipped me off was that she was totally okay with me blowing her off to go watch rugby with my friends - okay, I lie; to go play video games by myself for six hours - and everyone knows that normal girls do not act like that.’
    • ‘In fact once I actually begged her to help me when I thought he was just going to show up at one of my Yoga classes and she blew me off - I desperately have needed someone else to talk to him for me - why?’
    • ‘Just keep in mind I might blow you off for weeks till I get around to it…’
    • ‘Hattie blows me off by blathering on and on, ‘You know what I'll be missing, right?’’
    • ‘Would you put up with a pal who doesn't call when she says she will or constantly blows you off?’
    • ‘Then again, when I was in bankruptcy practice, we used to pester the lending and corporate attorneys to take us to meet their clients for whom they were closing deals and they always blew us off.’
    • ‘‘He is probably with Stacy and blew us off for her’ I said.’
    • ‘I was hoping to meet a friend for a drink afterwards, but the various people I had in the frame for the role of ‘friend’ decided to blow me off (in the American rather than English use of the phrase).’
    • ‘She's been my best friend for years and all of sudden (ok not all of a sudden) she's blowing me off and ignoring me.’
    1. 1.1 End a romantic or sexual relationship with someone.
      • ‘Even if he had, I wouldn't have noticed; I left straight away, though not without feeling a bit guilty for blowing him off.’
      • ‘Dunn went out with a girl named Ellie for a little while, but then he finally confessed that he loved Madeline, who blew him off.’
      • ‘I highly recommend not trying it, but if your ex boyfriend blows you off, it's a good replacement.’
      • ‘I just blew her off and the relationship continued for another year and a half.’
      • ‘Luke: ‘This was just the other day that she blew me off.’’
      • ‘I was concerned that maybe something happened so I tried getting in touch with her, till I realized I had been blown off.’
      • ‘For a moment it looked like he was considering blowing her off, but then he said, ‘Bien.’’
      • ‘What if one of them is her soulmate and she just blows him off and loses him forever?’
      • ‘To his surprise, instead of laughing or blowing him off, she hesitated.’
      • ‘He knew she was just blowing him off - too bad for him he'd fallen for that sort of girl, but her words cut him deep all the same.’
      • ‘‘You blow us off and then you want to talk about a relationship,’ says Will.’
      • ‘Before you run away and blow me off, can you please just hear me out?’
      • ‘How could I possibly be upset - it's not like he blew me off to go out with some other girl - his grandmother is in the hospital, I'd have to say that's a fairly valid excuse as far as excuses go.’