Definition of blow someone away in English:

blow someone away

phrasal verb

  • 1Kill someone using a firearm.

    ‘the heroine straps on a gun and blows away the bad guys’
    • ‘I know that you have guns I would be interested in, and if you don't just shut your mouth and show them to me, I'll just blow you away right here and take every gun you have!’
    • ‘Two weeks after Gary had thumped me, his ten-year-old brother blew him away with a pump action shot gun, which his dad kept locked in the boot of an old BMW in his garage.’
    • ‘Yet, I still want to get even, to go back there and blow them away, Smoke 'em, do a number on them, get that supervisor's supervisor in hot water with her superiors.’
    • ‘I grew up on the streets of Pittsburgh and I learned to treat everybody with respect because if not, one day that might be the guy who draws a gun on you and blows you away.’
    • ‘Ohhhhh, how I would love to blow you away right now with my plasma ray gun,’
    murder, cause the death of, end the life of, take the life of, do away with, make away with, assassinate, do to death, eliminate, terminate, dispatch, finish off, put to death, execute
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  • 2Impress someone greatly.

    ‘I'm blown away by his new poem’
    • ‘We have heard nothing but praise for the restaurant from others, and we were blown away by the quality of service and atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff as well as the standard of the food - all outstanding.’
    • ‘‘Boy, you keep blowing me away with your surprises the more time I spend with you,’ he muttered.’
    • ‘The entire show was in Spanish and the anchor on the show would introduce the next caption with such excitement you knew you would be blown away.’
    • ‘My overall impression was positive, though I was not blown away.’
    • ‘Just then you are blown away by the outstanding achievements in certain segments of technology and business unparalleled anywhere in the world.’
    • ‘I've heard of dumb questions but one teacher expressing astonishment at my use of Yen blew me away.’
    • ‘It's no surprise that they absolutely blew me away at the Bowery.’
    • ‘While we weren't terribly impressed with the overclockability of the card, the performance blew us away.’
    • ‘And the couple admit they have been blown away by its success.’
    • ‘I stood up in the crowd and explained what we were portraying and the reason behind the use of color and lines and they were blown away at that point.’
    • ‘If that was a surprise for Abe, he was blown away with what happened next.’
    • ‘He's not going to blow you away - he throws about 89 to 91 mph - but this kid has a tremendous slider and a great breaking ball.’
    • ‘Maybe I'll be surprised, maybe they'll just blow me away with something I never expected, who knows?’
    • ‘Ellis threw down some stuff the other day and it just blew me away.’
    • ‘And the animation, which combines impressionistic images with remarkable three-dimensionality will blow you away.’
    • ‘But if I ever harboured doubts about why I stayed with the project for this long, then they were blown away completely by the sublime moment last Wednesday.’
    • ‘Everywhere I looked I saw another person from another corner of the world throwing down another trick that blew me away.’
    • ‘‘I want something that blows me away, something that surprises me, something that brings me to tears or sings so beautifully I want to read it over again and again,’ he says.’
    • ‘And she talks about how Jake is just so cute and how she was blown away by Jennifer's performance in the film.’
    • ‘‘It blew them away,’ said Brown of her guests' impressions of the trip.’
    impress, overwhelm, bedazzle, strike, move, stir, affect, touch, sweep someone off their feet, awe, overawe, leave speechless, take someone's breath away, spellbind, hypnotize, fascinate, take aback, daze, stagger, floor, amaze, astonish
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