Definition of blow one's top in English:

blow one's top

(also blow one's stack) (North American blow one's lid)


  • Lose one's temper.

    ‘he is volatile and likely to blow his top if his demands aren't met’
    • ‘Some people are just complainers... she's the type to blow her lid if her husband leaves the toilet seat up.’
    • ‘You'd think he would've blown his lid when he realized the chef was downstairs.’
    • ‘Thomas didn't help when he blew his lid with seven-tenths of a second left in the third quarter.’
    • ‘‘I've seen him be patient with things where he would normally blow his lid.’’
    • ‘I thought my dad was going to blow his lid when the guy came around with the crumb collector.’
    lose one's temper, become angry, get angry, become enraged, become furious, go into a fury, go into a rage, rant and rave, go berserk, flare up, blow up, erupt, rage, blow one's cool, lose one's cool
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