Definition of blow in in English:

blow in

phrasal verb

  • Arrive casually and unannounced.

    ‘sometimes he would blow in unexpectedly and say hello’
    • ‘I blow in when I can from my home 400 miles away, thankful for every chance to share the wonder and mystery and blessing of these last days.’
    • ‘Then her father blows in, in the shape of a wizardish and craggy Jones, and we quickly realise her hatred of him at abandoning his family to follow the native way while she was still a child as she promptly rejects his offer to make amends.’
    • ‘While he can't quite put a finger on it, he definitely knows things have changed since she blew in.’
    • ‘She blew in one summer day in 1993 and has become a fond fixture here.’
    • ‘Then you have some people blow in when the leaves are turning and for Christmas.’