Definition of blow (or toot) one's own horn in English:

blow (or toot) one's own horn


North American
  • Talk boastfully about oneself or one's achievements.

    • ‘He's not a person that blows his own horn at all.’
    • ‘Don't envy, don't boast, don't toot your own horn - ever.’
    • ‘In other words, you're not just blowing your own horn.’
    • ‘To toot my own horn, I've been referred to as ‘hot’ upon more than one occasion.’
    • ‘I hate to toot my own horn but this is a pretty huge paradigm shift for me.’
    • ‘Do not be conceited, he who blows his own horn will find people are quick to get out of his way.’
    • ‘We are not trying to toot our own horn by praising the achievements of Taiwan's agricultural technical teams.’
    • ‘Anyhow - I'm not writing to toot my own horn, I am writing to toot yours.’
    • ‘Now, not to toot my own horn, but don't you think I deserve some credit in this scenario?’
    • ‘He's certainly not shy about tooting his own horn in regard to some of the decisions that were made concerning the script and location shooting.’
    boast, brag, sing one's own praises, show off, swank, congratulate oneself
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