Definition of blow (or clear) away the cobwebs in English:

blow (or clear) away the cobwebs


  • Banish a state of lethargy; refresh oneself.

    ‘a brisk walk along the towpath might blow away the cobwebs’
    • ‘Monday's result cleared away the cobwebs of doubt and left the public in bullish mood.’
    • ‘2003 is upon us and the community is clearing away the cobwebs.’
    • ‘Its hard-core attitude blows the cobwebs out of the spy genre in a really fun way.’
    • ‘The trip to South Africa helped blow a few cobwebs away after the winter break.’
    • ‘It is still a tad cold, as evidenced by my pink cheeks but it felt good to get out there and let the fresh air clear away the cobwebs.’
    • ‘However, once they came back the players had cleared away the cobwebs and went on to take the match 3-6 6-4 6-4.’
    • ‘We decided to go training to blow some cobwebs away and get some of this out of the system.’
    • ‘Meditation is by no means easy listening, but if it's a spiritual experience you're after then this'll blow the cobwebs from your brain for good.’
    • ‘‘The conditions were against us and a few lads had not played for a while so it was a matter of blowing the cobwebs off,’ the full-back said.’
    • ‘He shook his head, clearing away the cobwebs that seemed to have gathered in his mind in a matter of seconds.’