Definition of blow-up in English:



  • 1An enlargement of a photograph.

    ‘the walls are covered with grainy blow-ups’
    • ‘Entering, you are confronted with what appears to be a blow-up of a Seventies newsprint photograph of a star.’
    • ‘Below is a blow-up of the right hand of the middle figure which overlaps with the dog's head.’
    • ‘Outdoor boards feature the tag line ‘Lose the Carbs, Not the Taste’ and show photos of a young man and/or woman exercising, beside a blow-up of the bottle.’
    • ‘It was a huge blow-up of a comic book image depicting a US fighter jet destroying an enemy plane at the press of a button.’
    • ‘Frayed news clippings from murder trials, blow-ups of spent bullets, and collages culled from medical textbooks adorn the corridors of the Connecticut State Forensic Science Laboratory.’
    • ‘The book's illustrations, many of them blow-ups of wild floral designs, are psychedelic in their intensity.’
    • ‘The blow-up of this painting/photo is hung on the wall with a mirror at a right-angle to the image, thus reproducing the image again.’
    • ‘There is a massive blow-up of her in the entrance to the Scottish Television studios in Cowcaddens in which she is looking shiny and perky in the kind of fluffy red cardigan that probably comes accessorised with bright eyes and a bushy tail.’
    • ‘Mr. Johnston confirmed that the blow-up is not very detailed and that the parapet is open to the extent that the wood is not attached to the wall and it's open to the air at the leading edge of the flashing.’
    • ‘These blow-ups are always interesting to inspect so I thought you might like to see one.’
    • ‘The second process was sort of the reverse: to take these graphic blow-ups and shrink them into icons (I wound up only using a few of these in the final book, but they were important to the process).’
    • ‘Up in what looks like a refurbished grandstand there is a blow-up of the Daily Mail report of the event.’
    • ‘Here is a blow-up selected from the previous photo.’
    • ‘He also launched the ‘colours’ campaign, a visual extravaganza that will feature her on massive blow-ups and life-size cutouts displayed at prominent locations.’
    • ‘Later, I open the envelope and pull out a blow-up of the wedding photo.’
    • ‘There are no detail blow-ups to aid the reader and, most frustratingly, images are titled but not numbered, necessitating constantly scanning the page to find the print under discussion or to ascertain whether it is even reproduced.’
    • ‘In the inset in Fig.4 b a blow-up of one of the boundaries between such subunits (marked by a white arrow) is shown.’
    • ‘Along the corridors and hallways, open spaces and nooks, blow-ups of TV Guide covers chronicle the evolution of TV, entertainment and ultimately Americana over the past 47 years.’
    • ‘I made a blow-up of the Diplomacy conference map, put it on a bulletin board, got the colored pins in place, and we were ready to go.’
    • ‘This exhibition, designed by Woods, includes drawings, models, photographic blow-ups and an installation.’
    magnification, large print
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  • 2informal An outburst of anger.

    ‘the occasional blow-ups he has at Lennie are understandable’
    • ‘But that month provided motivation, not consternation, and not even his brief blow-up over an incident with Jimmy at Indianapolis could dilute his focus for long.’
    • ‘She braced herself for his inevitable blow-up.’
    • ‘I'd forgotten all about his blow-up today in class!’
    • ‘Dominic clearly understood the situation's potential explosiveness, and like me, he wanted to head off the inevitable blow-up.’
    • ‘She was known for sharp remarks and occasional blow-ups.’
    • ‘Rusty and Danny sever their relationship after a blow-up between the two when Rusty misses a performance at Danny's club.’
    • ‘I confronted him about it, we had a big blow-up, almost broke up, he swore he'd never do it again, yada yada yada.’
    • ‘After talking with Chris, Vera saw that Kaia's blow-up had more to do with bottled up anger towards her mother than with Ralph's death.’
    • ‘So she had a big blow-up with her father and was self-righteous that he should think that she would not pretend to go to church, and all this sort of thing.’
    • ‘You might have used a blow-up to let off steam or as a way to force a change when calm discussion didn't work.’
    • ‘Aside from being completely unprepared for any of the misadventures he encounters, he has a major blow-up with his girlfriend for reneging on a promise to move to Las Vegas.’
    • ‘Despite his blow-up with Sally, Holden's still in search of some human companionship.’
    • ‘I should have known, a blow-up would come if he didn't let it out when Vick had broken up with him.’
    • ‘Far from hating Damien, Sek had to feel a sort of grudging respect for him, especially considering his calm and logical, and remarkably thoughtful, comment in response to his blow-up.’
    • ‘In the meantime she has hidden her new passion from her father, with the expected blow-up when she is found out.’
    • ‘On another occasion during his cross-examination, he refused to acknowledge that he had told his treating psychiatrist that he had had a big blow-up with his family in which the police were called.’
    • ‘I wish they hadn't spoiled her blow-up scene in the previews.’
    fit of temper, fit of rage, fit of pique, fit, outburst, flare-up, pet, paroxysm, frenzy, bad mood, mood, huff, scene
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  • attributive Inflatable.

    ‘a blow-up pillow’
    • ‘Resembling a giant bouncy castle, it holds around 60 people standing and includes a blow-up organ, altar, pulpit, pews, candles and ‘stained glass’ windows.’
    • ‘Jeff and Pierre went and bought blow-up rafts, and were riding the waves in those, and were constantly being flipped by the rest of the guys, and me.’
    • ‘The rest of the gang was already in the pool; Ash was lounging on one of those blow-up mattresses while Ian and Alex were playing a game of catch with a small and squishy football.’
    • ‘‘Sora’ left with her blow-up ring pillow, still a little sore, but definitely not sorry!’
    • ‘Eddy and Shaniquilla were sharing blow-up bed and Jocelyn and I were sleeping on my King size bed.’
    • ‘Another possibility is to patch up the current Santa and build an extra platform on the other side of the tower with blow-up elves and reindeer.’
    • ‘First came the pump-up sneakers and ski boots, and now comes the air-fuelled, outdoor-fashion innovation of the 21st century: the blow-up coat.’
    • ‘And I think it would be a good idea if that lane had those blow-up tubes on the side.’
    • ‘What is it, do you attribute the sudden presence on lawns all over America of these absurd blow-up figures of Frankenstein and pumpkins and various dumb looking things that just litter up the landscape?’
    • ‘Here's a contemporary conundrum for you: how come celebs get thinner when they have kids, while the rest of us end up looking like blow-up versions of our former selves?’
    • ‘Even a giant canvas blow-up cow stationed near the field entrance collapsed in the wind.’
    • ‘Evidently, this is why blow-up sex dolls were manufactured in the first place.’
    • ‘‘I wanted it to look classy and sophisticated, so no blow-up trees,’ the bride said.’
    • ‘Elegant ladies sported blow-up crowns, their husbands carried discarded necklaces and flags indulgently.’
    • ‘I know they often stayed up all night, toe-to-toe with Doc, and were asked to find and deliver telephones, whiskey, typewriters, tape recorders, batteries, blow-up dolls, and other things.’
    • ‘For the first time inflatables were included in the colourful procession with one band parading a 20 ft blow-up star!’
    • ‘The entrance hall was white, with one blue blow-up sofa and two green blow-up chairs, it had various certificates and such that one might associate with school.’
    • ‘In fact, she swears that she saw the blow-up bra being surreptitiously inflated after a recent dive in a boat full of blokes.’
    • ‘Our nation's rich supply of blow-up dolls has barely begun to be explored for national security purposes.’
    • ‘And then it's all over and it's all on to the set for dancing and hugging and yet more whooping, while the crew drink lukewarm water, move the blow-up dolls on porter's trolleys, look at their watches and check the half-time score.’