Definition of blow-by-blow in English:



  • attributive (of a description of an event) giving all the details in the order in which they occurred.

    ‘he gave them a blow-by-blow account of your rescue’
    • ‘The bulk of the former consists of a blow-by-blow account of every event and action in Mendelssohn's life and every one of his compositions, published and unpublished, life and works forming a continuous chronological sequence.’
    • ‘The lucky few who had witnessed this televisual feast could give a blow-by-blow account, while those who had far better things to do could only listen, and lie through their teeth, saying that yes, I had seen it too.’
    • ‘I'll spare you a blow-by-blow description of how I created every single rule, but several things are worth noting.’
    • ‘The Sox may have won, and the Sunday papers would be full of their rhetoric and the blow-by-blow descriptions, but we had better things to do than suffer.’
    • ‘You can watch blow-by-blow descriptions of people watching - from a safe distance - blown-down powerlines spark during the day-long approach of Hurricane Frances.’
    • ‘She jumped into a blow-by-blow description of how tacky and cheap and unfashionable Mrs. Glum's latest get-up was.’
    • ‘While the pamphlet gives a blow-by-blow account of how the consumers can carry forward their complaint with various government agencies, the programme extends a little further.’
    • ‘Turn the page and get the blow-by-blow description of this heavyweight bout, and see who's left standing at the end of this monumental melee.’
    • ‘In order to persuade the publishers to publish me I had, of course, to write them a plot outline and a sample, so you won't be getting a blow-by-blow account of the story's genesis right from the beginning.’
    • ‘The complete blow-by-blow description is below the fold.’
    • ‘But all things considered, it's now becoming the top requested treatment in a lot of spas and one magazine I read had a blow-by-blow description of the many variations on how women can have others spread on the goop that turns them tan.’
    • ‘Instead of me summarizing this, however, let me just give you a blow-by-blow description of each song so you can judge for yourself.’
    • ‘I won't go into a blow-by-blow description of every activity and argument they had but overall the overnight stay was a roaring success and I am more willing to venture into the overnight stay for JJ's friends again.’
    • ‘He fails even at the level of events, at offering the blow-by-blow account of what simply happened.’
    • ‘Where news used to be a report of what had happened at some point in the past, now it's a blow-by-blow account of what is happening, right now; often, an account of things that haven't happened yet but might.’
    • ‘While Al studied the controls and began flipping switches, the two of them lapsed into a technical blow-by-blow description of Al's operation.’
    • ‘There is a caveat for anyone going into the disc hoping for a blow-by-blow description of the shoot and circumstances surrounding the film.’
    • ‘As the relationship took off, I (being the instigator) was provided with blow-by-blow accounts of each night they spent together, with enough gooey details to put me off my next meal.’
    • ‘Check out this article and the detailed blow-by-blow account below of how to win against all odds.’
    • ‘Newspapers carried blow-by-blow descriptions of the battle, and in different quarters of New York, cheering fans toasted the luck of their chosen side.’