Definition of bloviation in English:



  • See bloviate

    • ‘Not to mention a lot of truly ignorant bloviation about how much Michael ‘hates America.’’
    • ‘But are these online oracles providing balance, or bloviation, or just pushing a partisan agenda?’
    • ‘What is more shameful is what they are covering, essentially human-interest stories, with long stretches of valuable airtime wasted with bloviation on trivial legal maneuvers.’
    • ‘They seem to have abandoned the idea of doing serious scientific work altogether, and seem content to deal in propaganda and bloviation.’
    • ‘It's just with 24 hours to fill for the cable channels, and all those news magazine shows on the networks, there is also an awful lot of repetition, padding, filler, nonsense, bloviation, and nonsensical chatter - just like the Internet.’