Definition of blotchy in English:



  • Covered with blotches; patchy:

    ‘discoloration or blotchy skin on the legs’
    • ‘Her voice had risen to a shriek, and her usually beautiful face was red, blotchy, and streaked with tears.’
    • ‘Signs to look out for in babies or infants include a high-pitched moaning or whimpering cry, a blank, staring expression and pale, blotchy complexion.’
    • ‘One of the medics, a woman, sat with a woman whose face was reddened and blotchy from crying.’
    • ‘He smiled, watching Ferik's skin redden and become blotchy from the rain.’
    • ‘Failure to do so will cause an uneven blotchy appearance on your teak furniture after you apply the sealant.’
    spotty, spotted, blemished, blotched, patchy, uneven, smudged, freckled, marked, smeary, streaked, stippled, macular, covered with blotches
    reddened, red, inflamed
    dappled, mottled, flecked, variegated, particoloured
    splotchy, splodgy
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