Definition of blossom in English:



  • 1A flower or a mass of flowers, especially on a tree or bush.

    ‘tiny white blossoms’
    mass noun ‘the slopes were ablaze with almond blossom’
    • ‘His feet are tied to branching white blossoms, beneath which a few women with flower torches dance.’
    • ‘Also known as baby's breath, these starry blossoms on thread-thin stems make great fillers for fresh and dried arrangements.’
    • ‘Frequent mowing during peak growth will eliminate the yellow blossoms and prevent seed formation.’
    • ‘Water each container lightly at the base of the plants, being careful not to get water on the leaves or blossoms.’
    • ‘In spring one revels in the bright green of new buds and the blossoms of the azaleas.’
    • ‘Its blossoms, on bare branches, are showy and often fragrant.’
    • ‘Garnish salads with buds or the yellow blossoms.’
    • ‘Its foliage is divine - tiny spirals of pearly blossoms with a heavenly scent.’
    • ‘Of course, now is a great time to clean out the flower beds, removing the fallen leaves and blossoms to avoid potential fungus and molds from growing.’
    • ‘Intensely fragrant, waxy white blossoms emerge on stems as tall as 3 feet above grassy basal foliage and tuberous roots.’
    • ‘Just inside the garden is a large rose tree covered with white blossoms.’
    • ‘Since the majority of night-scented blossoms have white flowers, these plants also light up the landscape at night.’
    • ‘Remove plants from their nursery pots, being careful not to break their stems or blossoms.’
    • ‘Jim sat down under a flowering tree in a patch of tiny white blossoms and faced the shimmering waters of the river.’
    • ‘If you like edible flowers, try some of the tiny white blossoms sprinkled onto salads.’
    • ‘Tiny blossoms of deep pinks and reds will add great color to your festive fall container.’
    • ‘Each bulb can produce as many as twenty beautiful, large trumpet-shaped blossoms on a single stem.’
    • ‘Snow weighed down the branches and from a distance, they looked like trees bearing white blossoms.’
    • ‘The magnificent shades of lavender-purple and white blossoms with their heady show and sweet fragrance renewed my love affair with the lilac.’
    • ‘As the large, loose clusters of tiny greenish flower blossoms fade, the flower stalks get longer and by midsummer are covered with fuzzy purple or pink hairs.’
    flower, bloom, floweret
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    1. 1.1mass noun The state or period of flowering.
      ‘fruit trees in blossom’
      • ‘It might be safely viewed with all its appendages of prosperity and beauty, its rich pastures, spreading flocks, orchard in blossom, and light column of smoke ascending.’
      • ‘The trees are in blossom and although my hay fever is in evidence - they look truly beautiful - especially the horse chestnuts which are glorious round here.’
      • ‘Our 10 foot high surrounding hedge is in blossom, and the thought of losing that is just unbearable.’
      • ‘There were also two orange trees, one of which always seemed to be in blossom or fruit, and a large Rose of Sharon tree with the big white flowers resembling white roses.’
      • ‘Below my window there's an apple tree in blossom.’
      • ‘The trees were in blossom, each had barely budded individual fruit.’
      • ‘The sun is out, and he sees a ‘dazzling spectacle’ - a stand of apple trees in blossom.’
      • ‘I wondered whether he would live long enough to see his trees in blossom.’
      • ‘The small orchard at the farmstead just north of Carter Road is in blossom.’
      • ‘It's the strawberry and citrus season, the almond is in blossom, the island is lush and green and there are few tourists.’
      • ‘The wild plums were in blossom, chasing the red buds up the inside slopes.’
      • ‘The grass has grown, the hawthorn hedge is fully in leaf, different plants are in bloom and new ones are sprouting, apple and pear trees are in blossom.’
      • ‘When she came outside, she would sit still upon a chair to paint an apple tree in blossom or to read while the sun fell upon her shoulders.’
      • ‘It was in blossom, bearing strange black flowers that had red thorns jutting in all directions.’
      • ‘Perhaps she is returning from a quick stroll in the garden to look for the first plum buds that will soon be in blossom, thus suggesting a circular return to the first month of the album.’
      • ‘The yellow explosions I am referring to are the yellow Poui trees that are again in blossom at this time of the year here.’
      • ‘We all unhunched our shoulders and felt better, and looked about the pleasant new neighborhood, the day was sunny and lovely as the cherry trees along the parkways were in blossom.’
      • ‘If the cherries are in blossom, you won't be alone.’
      • ‘Mr Wilkinson said: ‘It will all look very nice when it has been completed - the trees look very nice and I am surprised they are in blossom.’’
      • ‘It is indeed an impassioned expression of our ancestors who were delighted even by the sight of a lotus in blossom.’
      in flower, flowering, blossoming, blooming, in bloom, in full bloom, open, out
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[no object]
  • 1(of a tree or bush) produce flowers or masses of flowers.

    ‘a garden in which roses blossom’
    • ‘Spring is the best season in Tokyo, with cherry trees blossoming beautifully after the winter rest.’
    • ‘Their garden has streams, waterfalls, flowering shrubs and blossoming trees.’
    • ‘There was only a slight breeze as the bus lazily took the curves, passing beneath trees that had blossomed with white flowers.’
    • ‘A row of cherry blossom trees blossomed soft pink against dark wooden stems.’
    • ‘Around her, women and animals bloom, trees and flowers blossom, and her womb fills up with stones.’
    • ‘The thousand insects of rain have worked all night; the trees have blossomed in raindrops, the downpour sounds like a distant whip.’
    • ‘The last of the ice was falling from the eaves, buds and leaves blossoming from the deciduous trees.’
    • ‘The Flowering Cherry tree will blossom at this time of the year, each year, as a symbol of remembrance.’
    • ‘One afternoon Victor bundles us into his jeep and careers up a twisting track, past coffee bushes which have blossomed overnight, sprouting cream pompoms with the scent of jasmine.’
    • ‘On either side of the path were huge trees, blossoming with colourful flowers.’
    • ‘That is to say, the cherry trees will blossom every year but I'll disappear for good, one of these days.’
    • ‘A white fence cut off its backyard, which contained a neat garden, several trees, blossoming with pink flowers in the spring, and an old wooden swing set.’
    • ‘The fruit trees began to blossom in March, I think it was, and there were new flowers every day or every other day.’
    • ‘In the spring the plum trees blossom, and violets bloom along the paths.’
    • ‘I was walking in the park one day in April, when the trees were still blossoming and I saw them.’
    • ‘When flowers blossom, trees bud - and pollen permeates the air.’
    • ‘At that precise moment, the tree seemed to blossom for the very first time.’
    • ‘We slipped through St Bartholomew's churchyard, snowdrops fading, the fruit and nut trees blossoming, and channelled down a track towards the River Ure.’
    • ‘He couldn't believe his eyes when he found them dancing on their hind legs around a shrub blossoming with bright red cherries.’
    • ‘Walking down Bedford, it seemed to me that a hundred or so trees had suddenly blossomed along the street!’
    flower, bloom, floweret
    in flower, flowering, blossoming, blooming, in bloom, in full bloom, open, out
    bloom, flower, be in flower, come into blossom, come into flower, open, open out, burgeon, bud, sprout, mature, burst forth, unfold
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    1. 1.1 Mature or develop in a promising or healthy way.
      ‘their friendship blossomed into romance’
      • ‘What began as a careless exhortation has blossomed into something I am proud to be a part of, and I hope this redresses some sort of karmic imbalance I no doubt incurred in my youth.’
      • ‘‘I believe there are sufficient areas particularly in the energy sector that one can see burgeoning and blossoming in trade development,’ he said.’
      • ‘The cocky kid from the public courts of Los Angeles has blossomed into a global superstar, with a personality as rich as her bank balance.’
      • ‘A spirited young girl who suffered horrific injuries in a freak horse accident has blossomed into a promising athlete with a bright future.’
      • ‘This market had humble beginnings eight years ago or so, and has blossomed into a teeming 55-stall market, split between food stalls and craft stalls.’
      • ‘What started as a few health-care providers twenty years ago has blossomed into a robust community that boasts international connections.’
      • ‘What began as a university course blossomed into the experience of a lifetime.’
      • ‘A glittering academic record, which included a scholarship to the Royal Northern College of Music and various conducting prizes, has blossomed into a busy career.’
      • ‘He developed an early interest in all things mechanical that has blossomed into a successful racing career.’
      • ‘It is a lesson on how early promise has blossomed into maturity.’
      • ‘She spoke of you enthusiastically on both occasions, and I realised that what had started as an accidental meeting had blossomed into a rewarding friendship.’
      • ‘Situated at the exit to the Straits of Malacca between Indonesia and the tip of Malaysia, the country was a natural stopping point on long voyages and quickly blossomed into an important port.’
      • ‘It has blossomed into quite a good way of them earning some money on site.’
      • ‘Many people have developed online friendships and romances that have blossomed into offline relationships.’
      • ‘However last term, Nowitzki blossomed into a multi - talented player of immense promise, one of the few Europeans able to compete on equal terms with their trans-Atlantic cousins.’
      • ‘Slowly it continued, and our first hesitant kiss was finally reached, although I had to make that final step because he wouldn't, and our relationship developed and blossomed into love.’
      • ‘The boy who began his cricketing career by singing Shosholoza under the Wanderers scoreboard, has blossomed into one of the promising players for the future.’
      • ‘To this can be added the fact that aikido developed and spread in Japan during an era of peace that later blossomed into a time of unprecedented economic prosperity.’
      • ‘He would be departing just when he has finally blossomed into a mature and consistent world-class all-rounder.’
      • ‘As for Titania, she blossomed into a more mature woman, although her zealousness never fully died down.’
      develop, grow, mature, progress, evolve, burst forth, come to fruition
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Old English blōstm, blōstma (noun), blōstmian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bloesem, also to bloom.