Definition of bloody (or bloodied) but unbowed in English:

bloody (or bloodied) but unbowed


  • Proud of what one has achieved despite having suffered great difficulties or losses.

    • ‘The primary voice represented in her poems is that of the African American woman whose head is bloodied but unbowed, who is just as tough as the harsh city in which she lives.’
    • ‘We're bloody but unbowed, and we will carry on the fight to meet the needs of our children.’
    • ‘Six players in all, they still look regal and sing with their heads held high, as if bloodied but unbowed.’
    • ‘With heads bloodied but unbowed, they have yielded to the superior force and numbers of the enemy… the province has fallen, but the spirit that made it stand, a beacon to all the liberty loving peoples of the world, cannot fail.’
    • ‘In the interests of balance, the heavily outnumbered camp are bloodied but unbowed.’
    • ‘Tonight was the politician's opportunity to play the bloodied but unbowed ideological hero.’
    • ‘In the meantime, Thompson is bloodied but unbowed.’
    • ‘Closer to home, so is my favourite Swede - equally bloody but unbowed.’
    • ‘So it seems natural to expect recognition for the two war leaders who emerged bloody but unbowed from these struggles.’
    • ‘Medical marijuana patients say they are bloodied but unbowed by yesterday's Supreme Court ruling that the federal government can continue to override state laws permitting medical cannabis use.’
    • ‘Eventually after twenty four months we emerged - bloody but unbowed!’
    • ‘And preparations were being made for the New York Stock Exchange to return to trading, in a move charged with symbolism and aimed at showing that America is bloodied but unbowed in the wake of the terror attacks.’