Definition of bloody-nosed beetle in English:

bloody-nosed beetle


  • A large black leaf beetle which exudes a red liquid from its mouth and leg joints when disturbed.

    Genus Timarcha, family Chrysomelidae

    • ‘The conservation day has helped to protect some 20,000 species, which live on the reserve, including endangered bloody-nosed beetles, cockles, and rare types of grass.’
    • ‘Herbivores include some of the largest animals on earth, like the African elephant and the giraffe to some of the smallest, such as the bloody-nosed beetle and termite.’
    • ‘The bloody-nosed beetle gets its name from its habit of exuding a drop of bright red blood if disturbed or threatened.’
    • ‘There are also several types of bees and wasps, including wood wasps, and a number of interesting beetles such as the soldier beetle, the bloody-nosed beetle and the cardinal beetle.’
    • ‘The larvae of the bloody-nosed beetle are soft and slug like and are metallic black in colour.’