Definition of bloodworm in English:



  • 1The bright red aquatic larva of a non-biting midge, the blood of which contains haemoglobin that allows it to live in poorly oxygenated water.

    Genus Chironomus, family Chironomidae

    • ‘They were kept in tanks at a water temperature of 11°C and fed on frozen bloodworms.’
    • ‘We get everything from herbivorous reptiles to aquatic animals that eat bloodworms.’
    • ‘You'll need to check to see if bloodworm is allowed as it is banned on some venues.’
    • ‘Most commonly they will feed heavily on bloodworm, a little on freshwater shrimps and occasionally upon snails and mussels.’
    • ‘With a few truly bizarre exceptions (such as the chironomid bloodworms that breed in sewage), insects don't even have hemoglobin.’
  • 2

    another term for tubifex