Definition of bloodstained in English:



  • Marked or covered with blood.

    ‘the police are hoping to turn up a piece of bloodstained clothing or a weapon’
    • ‘He still wore the bloodstained smock in which he had been arrested.’
    • ‘It is not clear exactly what weapon the attacker used, but police say the wanted man is likely to have been heavily bloodstained.’
    • ‘Whoever carried out this attack would have left the scene with bloodstained clothing and we appeal to people's better nature to come forward.’
    • ‘The mattresses and walls were covered in blood and the murder weapon, a bloodstained hedging billhook, lay abandoned.’
    • ‘Earlier the court heard that police found the flat had been ransacked and there were bloodstained footprints in the hall.’
    • ‘A bloodstained tree marks a leopard ‘canteen’ and the diner could be lurking in any of the many caves above us.’
    • ‘Police found the kitchen knife used next to her bloodstained body.’
    • ‘She nestled her face into his chest, muffling her sobs in his bloodstained clothing.’
    • ‘Detectives investigating the discovery of heavily bloodstained items in a car park yesterday said they belonged to a man for whom they had ‘serious concern’.’
    • ‘Stretcher after stretcher was being carried from the ruin, some of the white cloths covering the bodies bloodstained.’
    • ‘This was to view the first showing of Nelson's bloodstained uniform.’
    • ‘Detectives were last night hunting a bloodstained attacker after a wealthy businessman was murdered at his luxury home.’
    • ‘The scene of bodies covered in bloodstained blankets, with debris and chunks of bodies scattered across the road, revolted bystanders.’
    • ‘She did not remember taking off a pair of bloodstained rubber gloves found in the bedroom, but recollected washing her hands in the bathroom.’
    • ‘Nearby was the abandoned heavily bloodstained get-away car.’
    • ‘When Boon visits the murdered woman's home, there is really no need to let us see the bloodstained floorboards.’
    • ‘The woman claimed her bloodstained clothing was the result of a severe haemorrhage but told staff not to call for medical help.’
    • ‘Police also found a bloodstained hammer and black cable ties.’
    • ‘And officers hunting her killer urged people who spotted anyone with bloodstained clothes to get in touch with them.’
    • ‘His face was covered in cuts, and his clothing was also bloodstained and torn.’
    blood-soaked, blood-spattered, gory
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