Definition of bloodroot in English:



  • A North American plant of the poppy family, which has white flowers and fleshy underground rhizomes which exude red sap when cut.

    Sanguinaria canadensis, family Papaveraceae

    • ‘Another notable treat you will find in the park is a spectacular array of wild flowers like the trillium, bloodroot and liverwort.’
    • ‘The area was called Bloodroot Valley because of the profusion of bloodroot flowers that blanketed the valley in the early spring.’
    • ‘Wildflowers like bloodroot, Trillium and Hepatica also bloom in late winter.’
    • ‘The bloodroots flower near her feet as delicate as bible leaves, and slow, persistent ivy kindles on old trees.’
    • ‘Harvest herb roots including bloodroot, chicory, ginseng, and golden seal in the fall, after the foliage fades.’