Definition of bloodline in English:



  • 1An animal's set of ancestors or pedigree, especially with reference to the desirable characteristics bred into it:

    ‘the herd has British bloodlines going back 200 years’
    • ‘Untrained, they can be domineering, independent and reserved, especially when bred from working bloodlines - show lines tend to be calmer and more subdued.’
    • ‘If he produces a lot of top quality trial dogs and enters the pedigrees and the major bloodlines of the breed, his genes will be spread throughout the breed.’
    • ‘Or do you want to delve into pedigrees, to find the classic mix of bloodlines that herald the ultimate racehorse.’
    • ‘You also may want to check the horse's bloodline if you will be breeding the horse.’
    • ‘Lifestyle farmers can make a big contribution to safeguarding and developing good bloodlines within the breed.’
    • ‘There were all kinds; Appaloosas, Palominos, Arabs, Thoroughbreds, all with true bloodlines and all fine animals worth plenty of money.’
    • ‘We had some Arabian horses out there and it was some of the same bloodlines that he breeds.’
    • ‘He researched the breed and was a frequent visitor to France where he visited shows, sales and farms, following up bloodlines, pedigrees and progeny.’
    • ‘Selective breeding to improve the bloodlines of carp has led to the king carp that we see today.’
    • ‘Some breeds and certain bloodlines within breeds are friendlier and more adaptable to training because they were bred to be that way.’
    • ‘The stud isn't too far away from home and the livery side of things interest me too, which involves learning about the breeding aspect as well as the horses bloodlines.’
    • ‘The bulls are specially bred fighting bulls, usually from the same bloodline and are not less than four years old with a weight somewhere between 500 and 800 kilos.’
    • ‘For centuries, the whole thoroughbred breeding industry was based on bloodlines originating in Epsom Derby winners.’
    • ‘Some of the most vicious bloodlines bred by fighters produce dogs worth thousands of dollars each.’
    • ‘The two animals she bought contributed to the bloodlines of herds throughout the country.’
    • ‘The also agreed to train and race him since his bloodlines are so good.’
    • ‘Since then they have improved the breed using French shorthorn and imported bloodlines from Canada and Australia to obtain better carcase quality.’
    • ‘Under the new breeding program, dogs with the same bloodlines would be purchased from Europe every 2-3 years.’
    ancestry, descent, lineage, line, line of descent, genealogy, family tree, extraction, derivation, origin, heritage, parentage, paternity, birth, family, dynasty, house, race, strain, stock, breed, blood, bloodline, history, background, roots
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    1. 1.1 A set of ancestors or line of descent of an important person:
      ‘the survival of a legitimate royal bloodline’
      • ‘Henriette descended from German-Jewish bloodlines, married an Englishman and then, through her portrait, adopted the identity of an English lady.’
      • ‘Why didn't you tell me we are from a royal bloodline?’
      • ‘Being the only child in the family, his parents were counting on him to continue the family bloodline and surname.’
      • ‘Logically, if Edward IV had not been King, the royal bloodline would have been entirely different.’
      • ‘These folk of ancient royal bloodline who have never had to do much of anything for themselves haven't a fighting chance amidst the political maneuvering that swirls around them.’
      • ‘Now at the age of twenty he was expected to marry and carry on the royal bloodline, earning the title of King.’
      • ‘Nietzsche looked to the Greeks as a model along these lines; a churning of the bloodlines creating the Superman.’
      • ‘His sporting pedigree is confirmed by a bloodline that has produced other fine sportsmen.’
      • ‘That place held an important place in his heart because it was where the bloodline of his family had originated.’
      • ‘‘He is the closest thing you have to a brother and it is important that we keep the royal bloodline’, he answered.’
      • ‘The bloodline I come from is a line from which many great warriors have come from.’
      • ‘If they are part of a dynastic bloodline then why is the Princess opposed to them?’
      • ‘Now, emperor is a royal title, bringing to mind divine bloodlines, elaborate coronations and incest.’
      • ‘She wondered what it was like to grow up an only child to a royal bloodline.’
      • ‘Today's royal bloodlines trace back to them.’
      • ‘History and bloodlines, what did any of it have to do with her?’
      • ‘It suggests that Jesus Christ had direct descendants, in a bloodline that can be traced down the centuries.’
      • ‘The people would fear betraying the royal bloodline even if they agreed with the cause.’
      • ‘Well, I believe it's time that you learn of your bloodline, a line of heroes.’
      ancestry, lineage, line, bloodline, descent, parentage, family, house, dynasty, birth, extraction, derivation, origin, genealogy, heritage, breeding, stock, strain, race, pedigree, roots, kinship, consanguinity
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