Definition of bloodfin in English:



  • A small South American freshwater fish that is silvery yellow with bright red fins, popular in aquaria.

    Aphyocharax rubripinnis, family Characidae

    • ‘When we bought it, it accidentally got caught up in the net with the 3 bloodfins, and the seller didn't want to take it out and try to catch them again.’
    • ‘The bloodfin tetra's body was cut almost completely in half.’
    • ‘Ended up buying bloodfins because I didn't want to buy fish and have it die early.’
    • ‘They will kill fish that won't run, as I have learned the hard way losing some bloodfins and a along the way.’
    • ‘Either way, if you make sure your glowlights, pristellas and bloodfins aren't tiny little ones, you should be okay.’