Definition of blooded in English:



  • 1usually in combination Having blood or a temperament of a specified kind.

    • ‘‘A pure blooded one of the Folk,’ she shook her head and muttered as an aside into her lavish robes.’
    • ‘Cold-blooded murder, armed hijackings, burglary, robbery and assault are rife.’
    • ‘She flipped her visor down and scanned on infrared, the only reading she picked up were from some cold-blooded bugs… dozens of them.’
    • ‘And many criminologists say that despite her cold-blooded killing, she does not fit the serial-killer mould.’
    • ‘And besides, any red-blooded male wanted to watch a girl shower.’
    • ‘The people on the street have to be able to understand the emotions that were unleashed in this country by those acts of cold - blooded murder.’
    • ‘A squad of armed riot police mounted a full-blooded charge into a chanting group of activists.’
    • ‘The pair make two of the most cold-blooded and vile antiheroes ever found in a Hollywood Western.’
    • ‘Usually, the elementals would be strong blooded youngsters.’
    • ‘He was stared at a bit rudely, but not spoken to by the sedate patricians of blue-blooded society who were present.’
    • ‘It was the wrong place for a sophisticated noble blooded young Italian like himself to be.’
    • ‘It's 16 million years after dinosaurs roamed the earth, and warm-blooded creatures are wandering round the tropical jungle eating bugs.’
    • ‘As for the enemy soldiers, they were either harmless boobies or cold-blooded psychopaths.’
    • ‘I started shooting, it was just cold-blooded murder.’
    • ‘But even the coldest blooded manager can easily take steps to warm his relations with the people on his staff.’
  • 2North American (of horses or cattle) of good pedigree.

    ‘a blooded stallion’
    • ‘Lank in body, slender in limb, full of spirit, they reminded one of blooded horses.’
    • ‘As compulsive improvers, they perused agricultural journals for more productive seeds and bettered their herds with blooded stock.’
    • ‘The blooded pilgrim stock of horses and cattle, brought to Montana at great expense, could not survive the endless days of low temperatures.’
    pedigree, thoroughbred, full, full-bred, pure-blooded, pedigreed, pure, genuine
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