Definition of blood work in English:

blood work


mass nounNorth American
  • The scientific examination of one or more blood samples, typically for the diagnosis of illness.

    ‘all the blood work showed that there was no problem, as far as the heart was concerned’
    • ‘He went through three days of medical testing that included a full physical, blood work, stress tests, and a session with a chiropractor.’
    • ‘Diagnostic tests may include skin scrapings, hair combings, a dermatophyte (skin) culture, blood work, and skin biopsies.’
    • ‘To complicate matters, she had blood work that showed early evidence of type II diabetes.’
    • ‘They should also ask for blood work to rule out certain health problems, which might include an overactive thyroid associated with weight loss.’
    • ‘He also sent her for some "investigations", being blood work and ultrasound.’
    • ‘Under the plan, a patient's blood work or MRI test feeds directly into a central database, with no human transcription or chance for human error.’
    • ‘I went to the doctor today, and he did some blood work.’
    • ‘I got to get him to the hospital for his blood work.’
    • ‘He'd had to leave her with the doctor for x-rays, ultrasound, and blood work.’
    • ‘The poultry processor reported there was little evidence the birds were sick before the positive blood work.’