Definition of blood test in English:

blood test


  • A scientific examination of a sample of blood, typically for the diagnosis of illness or for the detection and measurement of drugs or other substances.

    • ‘Because it may not cause any symptoms, your doctor may need to order a blood test to check for it.’
    • ‘The urologist will usually repeat the examination and the blood test.’
    • ‘If you are not sure whether you are immune to rubella, you can see your GP or practice nurse for a blood test to find out.’
    • ‘However, on this occasion, a blood test was performed and the results showed anemia.’
    • ‘Clients must undergo a blood test and fill in medical questionnaires as part of the service.’
    • ‘That is, if the blood test turns out to be specific enough for the disease to be a good screening test.’
    • ‘A blood test could shorten this process and allow earlier, more effective treatment.’
    • ‘If your doctor wonders if you might have syphilis, he or she will order a blood test.’
    • ‘A blood test is then taken one month after the third dose to check that the immunisations have worked.’
    • ‘I also require a monthly blood test as the medication affects my liver function.’
    • ‘You may to have a blood test and chest X-ray to check your general health.’
    • ‘A blood test will show whether you are already immune to the hepatitis A virus, due to previous infection.’
    • ‘A blood test for these patients will need a home visit by the doctor.’
    • ‘Usually the allergist will start off with something like a skin test or a blood test.’
    • ‘A blood test to check your glucose levels will show if you have pre-diabetes or diabetes.’
    • ‘The family took her to hospital for a blood test, which revealed there was no infection.’
    • ‘There are further complex issues relating to consent for the blood test.’
    • ‘Another blood test can be carried out when the condition is diagnosed.’
    • ‘The only way to discover if you have high cholesterol is from a blood test, since there are no outward symptoms.’
    • ‘It is sometimes necessary to do a blood test when your illness cannot be confirmed from the outward physical symptoms.’


blood test