Definition of blood meal in English:

blood meal


mass noun
  • Dried blood used for feeding animals and as a fertilizer.

    • ‘Each spring, their roses are fed with a mix of controlled-release fertilizer, blood meal, and bonemeal.’
    • ‘Soybean meal source replaced spray-dried animal plasma, fish meal, and blood meal in the diets.’
    • ‘Other fertilizers are byproducts of the poultry, meat, or other industries: bone meal, blood meal, poultry manure and wastes.’
    • ‘Planting soil should be amended with slow-release organic nutrient sources, such as bone meal, blood meal, compost and composted manure.’
    • ‘Because fall cabbages require a long growing season, they'll benefit from extra nitrogen added to the soil, such as blood meal.’
    • ‘One subspecies can survive and produce fertile eggs without a blood meal.’
    • ‘Chemical fertilizers, dehydrated chicken manure or high-nitrogen blood meal can burn tender root hairs, and tilling or plowing destroys soil texture, disturbing the layered web.’
    • ‘In iron-deficient soils, add bone meal or blood meal organic amendments.’
    • ‘Now is the time to add any of the soil amendments, such as bone meal, blood meal, or superphosphate, that provide a slow, continuous supply of phosphorus.’
    • ‘Home remedies abound, as well, including cayenne, hot-pepper sauce, talcum powder, blood meal, dog hair, and deodorant soap.’
    • ‘I have stopped using products like blood meal and bone meal in my garden, because I think there is a small but significant risk of infection from inhaling dust.’
    • ‘High-nitrogen fertilizers, include blood meal and cottonseed meal.’
    • ‘Once new growth starts in spring, sidedress twice, one month apart, with 1/4 cup of blood meal per 10-foot row.’
    • ‘Examples of natural organics include blood meal, cottonseed meal, soybean meal, fish emulsion, manures, and composts.’