Definition of blood clot in English:

blood clot


  • A gelatinous mass of fibrin and blood cells formed by the coagulation of blood.

    • ‘In 1998, she broke her left hip and a blood clot was discovered for which she was given a course of blood-thinning drugs.’
    • ‘She was left with a fractured cheekbone, two chipped ribs and a possible blood clot on her lung after an unprovoked and ferocious attack.’
    • ‘He ended up in and out of hospitals with mysterious coronary troubles and a blood clot in each lung.’
    • ‘The official cause of death is a heart attack in one case and a blood clot in the lung in the other.’
    • ‘He had suffered a fatal blood clot, likely to have been brought on by periods of sustained immobility caused by Parkinson's disease.’
    • ‘Platelets are the part of blood that stick together to form a blood clot.’
    • ‘After open-heart surgery in London, he was about to leave hospital when he developed a blood clot and was saved by emergency surgery.’
    • ‘Her heart muscle was irreparably damaged by a blood clot and now she takes daily medication to control her heart beat and rhythm.’
    • ‘The most common form of stroke occurs when part of the brain is deprived of oxygen after a blood vessel is suddenly clogged by a blood clot.’
    • ‘Well, I have a small blood clot from the big bruise and sometimes it bothers me.’
    • ‘He underwent surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain.’
    • ‘He had suffered a blood clot which led to an irregular heartbeat and has now been told by doctors to stop working a 70-hour week.’
    • ‘She is still awaiting the results of tests on a shadow an X-ray revealed on her lung which doctors believe is a blood clot that may require surgery.’
    • ‘During most strokes, a blood vessel in the brain becomes clogged by a blood clot.’
    • ‘She almost died after suffering a massive blood clot in her back, and suffered a broken leg and beatings which caused permanent scars.’
    • ‘His diagnosis was that I had a large blood clot in my arm and it was fortunate that I got there when I did.’
    • ‘We suspected that Dad may have a tumour in his shoulder from all the pain he's been getting from that but it turns out to be a blood clot, so easily treatable.’
    • ‘He'd already felt the wound begin to mend and the blood clot before the girl touched the bandages.’
    • ‘The good news is that it is definitely not a blood clot and I probably don't have kidney stones.’
    • ‘Among the 39 travellers who suffered from a blood clot, 28 had travelled by car, nine by plane and two by train.’