Definition of blood brother in English:

blood brother


  • A man who has sworn to treat another man as a brother, typically by a ceremonial mingling of blood.

    • ‘Besides your dazzling talent, you've been our blood brother and a top man.’
    • ‘We cut our fingers and mixed blood, making us blood brothers.’
    • ‘Men have used the feeling of affection between brothers and transformed it into the special bond of blood brothers.’
    • ‘He then came around, shook hands with each of us and said we were now blood brothers.’
    • ‘We even did a ‘blood brother’ thing with each other, that's how close we all were as kids.’
    • ‘He fled to Kilindi, where he became a blood brother to the chief's son.’
    • ‘The fact that my blood brother's nickname is Mikey is a coincidence to bizarre to contemplate.’
    • ‘I'm not asking you to swear to be blood brothers with him or anything.’
    • ‘You would deepen our shame by refusing the blood brother of our Master?’
    • ‘That ability in him also allowed himself and his blood brother Jon, after their political parting, to co-exist without any animosity.’
    • ‘‘It's not like you're my blood brother,’ Avius pointed out.’
    • ‘We adopted baby Damian only last year but they are closer to each other than blood brothers.’
    • ‘But ‘brother’ stands in complex relations to other words: there are blood brothers, lay brothers, brothers in arms, and brothers under the skin.’
    • ‘But in this New (post-Cold War) World, dogmatism and its blood brother, religious fundamentalism, are thriving as never before.’
    • ‘The three swear an oath to be blood brothers and go to war.’
    • ‘But against all the odds, Mickey and Eddie meet, become friends and, as the title suggests, blood brothers - a scene, incidentally, that is quite comical.’
    • ‘They had been friends for years, close enough to become blood brothers a few months ago.’
    • ‘‘He's like a blood brother to me, we are his lifeline,’ said the 47-year-old from San Diego.’


blood brother