Definition of blood and guts in English:

blood and guts


  • Violence and bloodshed, especially in fiction.

    ‘I like blood and guts, adventure, that kind of thing’
    • ‘No blood and guts, please, we're a civilized people, fastidious about what we allow in our living rooms.’
    • ‘You imagine the blood and guts, and that's what makes it violent.’
    • ‘He isn't after blood and guts, but fame and fortune.’
    • ‘Actually, I never have done anything too horrible - no blood and guts or other gore.’
    • ‘Suddenly, there's a lot more than revenge at stake and in the climactic scenes there's a much more emotional and satisfying payoff than mere blood and guts.’
    • ‘Most of the evil dead are formed as skeletons which only crumble when destroyed rather than burst into a mess of blood and guts as they did in the first two movies.’
    • ‘So, you say you want a movie with blood and guts and guns and swearing and sex and violence and grizzle and evil and nastiness and all that jazz.’
    • ‘In a way, the mental fright is just as scary as the visual fright, but I still prefer blood and guts.’
    • ‘Victoria wants to be a surgeon as she loves blood and guts.’
    • ‘One attorney who lost a case to you said, ‘She overshadows the facts with blood and guts.’’
    grisly, gruesome, violent, bloodthirsty, bloody, brutal, savage
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